3 Different Popular Social Media Network

Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn


Nowadays, whenever we reading articles, we can always find some small button next to the articles or under that say, “share this article to Facebook” or “share this article to Google+”, etc. These social media are making our life more and more conveniences, at the same time, the variations of social media do cause us some troubles. This blog is going to analysis the difference between Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

In general, Facebook is a general social networking site. You can post pictures, articles, stories and events. Instagram is more like a social photo sharing app, more focusing on photo sharing. LinkedIn, on the other way, is more for businessman or businesswoman.

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From the picture we can see that, Facebook have the most quantity of people (1 billion users). Facebook has more opportunities to promote the advertisements and also users are more likely to share things on Facebook. As a user of Facebook, I can see what kind of video my friends like or what happens in my friends’ lives. Also, Facebook is a fun way to share you opinion with your friends or even some strangers. For Instagram, users are more likely to use the hashtags to add the topic to their pictures or what they are willing to say. Instagram also work with other hit event such as MTV to create more topics. LinkedIn is more like a brand that is participating. It giving potential and current associates, it also a place to networking and connect. This social network is targeting older person who is already working or has his own business. Compares to Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn is for the business perspect, other two are more for entertaining and sharing.

IMC-integrated marketing communication

Kliatchko (2008, p. 140) defined IMC as “an audience-driven business process of strategically managing stakeholders, content, channels, and results of brand communication programs”, suggesting a holistic view of IMC well beyond simple message consistency.

Social media represents even more opportunities for leveraging integrated marketing strategy to increase awareness and preference for products and services. The use of tools, including Twitter, Facebook or MySpace, to connect with various audiences, combined with blogs, websites and other online tactics have exponentially broadened the reach, and lessened the cost, of communicating with the masses.


  1. Facebook

I think it’s safe to say that Facebook is the most common among all the social media marketing tools out there. Facebook uses the social graph and activities to target demographics and people, making Facebook Advertising incredibly awesome. Think about it, any product/service you advertise on Facebook basically gets put into the hands of the exact person who wants or needs it. While it’s mainly a B2C platform, every fan that has LIKED your page is truly interested in what you have to offer.

Share valuable content and interact. Do not forget to INTERACT! This is very important. People love to see that there is a real person behind your brand. If you don’t show your face, people get weary if it’s really you or not. And for all you busy CEO’s out there, it doesn’t have to be you posting either. Have someone in the office do the job. Make sure you keep that Facebook page active, interesting, and never stop engaging!!

  1. Instagram

Instagram is an application or so-called function belongs to Facebook and it is not a traditional social networking site. You can’t inbox people or anything. The only thing you can do is uploads photos and videos and have followers and can follow people with photos you like.

However, these days more and more people using Instagram to promote or advertise their products or company. Articles across the Internet read: “For Your Next Social Media Campaign, Look to Instagram”; “Instagram Is a Marketer’s Best Friend – For Now”; and “Instagram’s Sweet Spot: Better for Brands than Facebook and Twitter?” Social media marketers have noticed a decline in reach on Facebook and heightened engagement on Instagram. It shows that Instagram is used as a market tool now, or we can say it is the IMC strategic of Instagram now.

  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is definitely different from the rest of the social media outlets out there for business. Instead of just connecting with individuals themselves such as clients or customers, you can connect with other business as a whole. LinkedIn carries a feature that most social media platforms don’t, you can see who views your profile! And it’s not like those silly Facebook apps that everyone clicks at one point in time. This one really works!

Stream all your social media profiles to this one page. Everything from Twitter, Facebook and your blog can stream right to LinkedIn, making it the home of where all your social media will live. It doesn’t get much easier than that. LinkedIn is great for business because it allows you to promote your company, post a job opening, and find talented individuals that fit the job description you’re trying to fill.


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